his is my world where dreams and fantasy become art, which I express through the great Gift “Art in our hands”.

Hands which model, weave threads, when they meet a noble metal like “Gold” and it is in that moment that it becomes “Magic”: the magic of creation. To sculpt a jewel is not just to give it a shape but to find the breath of life in it and to reveal it to the world.

My jewels are not objects, they are, and they express, the sentiment of an existence. When I create a jewel, I give shape to a miniature sculpture and I find inspiration in the absolute beauty of nature, from mother earth where I live, I take the colours, the scents, the baroque. To the marine world which I encouter with profound respect, where I am always fascinated by the sound of its silences and by all the creatures which populate it: starfish, sea-horses, scintillating, multi-coloured fish.

Plunge into my world where I will try to tell you all about the magic and the sense of belonging to this island, so noble and ancient, which is Sicily, the cradle of wonderful civilizations and traditions, amongst the creatures which populate my imagination surrounded by precious corals from Sciacca and also from Sardinia and Japan, Australian pearls and mysterious, multi-coloured gems, aquamarine, morganite, diamonds, turquoise, amethyst, opals, which i choose personally, together with my staff and also my family, who have always supported me and with whom I share this wonderful passion of “Creating for You”.

Have a good journey in Our world.

Carlo Izzo